Walter Cummins’s latest book is a collection of essays, Death, Cancer, Madness, Meaning, just published in Spring 2019 with del Sol Press. In it you’ll find the essay he contributed to our “Small Things, Partial Cures” issue: “Commitment,” a memoir of consigning a beloved wife to the care of an institution. Read that heartbreaking essay here–then buy the book to find more gems.


Walter Cummins has published more than a hundred stories in such magazines as New Letters, Virginia Quarterly Review, Bellevue Literary Review, and Confrontation.Many of those stories have been collected in six books: Witness, Where We Live, Local Music, The End of the Circle, The Lost Ones, and Habitat: Stories of Bent Realism. His nonfiction books include The Literary Explorer, co-written with Broad Street contributor Thomas E. Kennedy; Programming Our Lives: Television and American Identity, co-written with George Gordon; and Florham: The Lives of an American Estate, co-written with Carol Bere and Samuel Convissor. With Thomas E. Kennedy, he is co-publisher of Serving House Books and curator of the Writers on the Job feature at, which has yielded two anthologies.

We invite you to purchase a copy of this issue as an iBook or in print.

True stories, honestly.