Truth Teller Spotlight:  Marylen Grigas

Truth Teller Spotlight: Marylen Grigas

  A few words on the series BROAD STREET is publishing in fall 2016 … Some of the poems in this series refer to my experiences since being diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago. Even though the time since has been far from easy, there have been many joyful and humorous moments. “Home Security” and...
Share This Poem:  "Package,"  by Marylen Grigas

Share This Poem: “Package,” by Marylen Grigas

“Sad-sad wrapped in anxious-anxious, wrapped in a slew of questions …”     Share the next installment in Marylen Grigas’s new poetry series, illustrated by Riley McAlpine-Barthold.  These elegant poems map the boundaries of home, body, illness, and love, boundaries also eloquently evoked in the line drawings.     Package   Sad-sad wrapped in anxious-anxious, wrapped in...
Share This Poem: "Pretty Moon" By Lisa Dordal

Share This Poem: “Pretty Moon” By Lisa Dordal

Pretty moon, everyone said. Before the noise, before the fire. Two cars and the cornfields idle…” From time to time, we re-present work that has been first been published elsewhere.  This  heartrending poem about nature’s imperviousness to human sorrow is worth more than one reading, and we are pleased to feature it as a Web extra…....