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Michael Griffith’s essay “Ghosts of the Walldogs,” from our “Rivals & Players” issue, was named Notable in The Best American Essays. Read it to discover the secret lives of advertising men and the ads they paste

Susann Cokal has a new novel out, Mermaid Moon. A mermaid from a matriarchal tribe goes ashore to find her vanished mother, only to fall into the hands of a witch.

Judith Sara Gelt’s memoir, Reckless Steps Toward Sanity, was published by New Mexico University Press.

Susann Cokal won the 2019 Gemini Magazine Fiction Prize. Her story “A Spoon Will Catch the Dark Girls’ Pain” appears on their website.

Harry Kollatz, Jr., published a novel about Carlisle Montgomery, his nine-fingered guitar-playing dream child, in summer 2019.

Walter Cummins‘s essays were collected into a Spring 2019 book release, Death, Cancer, Madness, Meaning. Published by del Sol Press, it includes his contribution to our pages, “Commitment: On consigning a wife to others’ care.”

Robert Alter completed a three-volume, 3,500-word translation of the Hebrew Bible, available in a uniform edition as of December 2018.
Dawn Whitmore mounted a solo show, “A house is like a mind that holds everything,” in Arlington, VA, from October 13 to December 15, 2018.
Valley Haggard has a new book, new ventures … Surrender Your Weapons mixes memoir and writing tips. Valley is also the 2018 winner of the Emyl Jenkins Award for service to the writing community, from James River Writers.
Paisley Rekdal‘s new book, The Broken Country, evaluates Vietnam’s legacy in 2018.
Caitlin Hamilton Summie took silver in the 2018 Indie Awards.
Deborah Jiang-Stein is honored at L’Oréal’s 2017 “Women of Worth” event.
Bea Chang’s “The River My Father Promised” was designated a Notable Essay of 2017 from the Best American series.
September 2017: From Pantyhose to Spandex: Writers on the Job Redux  was published, featuring essays about odd jobs by contributors Susann Cokal, Walter Cummins, and Thomas E. Kennedy.
Costume Designer Paloma Young was Tony-nominated again in 2017.
Susann Cokal was awarded a 2014 Printz Honor for The Kingdom of Little Wounds.
The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai  is now a book, translated by Robert Alter.
Paisley Rekdal won the 2013 Rilke Prize.


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