We are pleased to present a selection of essays, articles, interviews, and poems from the print version of Broad Street online.  



2.2 MAPS & LEGENDS 2016 fall

An Affair of Youth.” Go in search of flappers, belles, and the first grave of the Fitzgeralds with Bryant Mangum. With the only known published photograph of the original gravesite.


Leaving the House,” a lyrical essay by Kat Meads


Corniche,” a stroll in Beirut with Amira Pierce


Suitor,” A poem about George and Martha Washington, by Ron Smith


Generous Bonus Doses“: Deborah Jiang-Stein on her mother’s abuse in prison heroin experiments


2.1 BEDEVILED 2015 fall

Chastity Belt Included”:  a memoir of collusion between God and Mother Nature, by Ramsey Hootman


The Dance Vanishes / The Poem Remains”: essay, criticism, and ars poetica by Lea Marshall



06/10/2012 – Paloma Young – 66th Annual Tony Awards

1.2 HUNT, GATHER 2015 spring

Holy War: Ramadan and race riots in Senegal,” by Patricia Smith


Our Crazy Beautiful Poetic World”: An interview with Tony-winning costume designer Paloma Young.



Making Friends with Midge”: About your best friend and Barbie’s, by Susann Cokal


“My Little Pony,” a memoir by Tama Janowitz


The Lives of Strangers”: Reflections on marriage, betrayal, and murder in Salt Lake City, by Paisley Rekdal


“It’s Always Some Battle“: An interview with novelist, essayist, and provocateuse Jeanette Winterson




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Pictured: Paloma Young with one of her Tony Awards, 2012;  Buddy Patrol, a painting by Josh George.