Some of our best offerings take advantage of the special tricks available on the internet.  Enjoy them here!



Two Hats at Once“: a book publicist becomes an author–and promotes her own book, by Caitlin Hamilton Summie.


The Amazing Kolb Brothers at  Grand Canyon,” by Roger Naylor

El Rosario Road“: The spell of ordinary spectacle, by Douglas Haynes

Hands Chopping Air“: On teaching ESL in New York’s Chinatown, by Rachel Aydt

July 4 and an American Childhood Abroad,” memoir by Gregory Osina Weatherford

“Dream Geographies,” a series by poet Judith Serin and artist Masami Inoue:

Interview: “Illustrating the Poem that Records the Dream

Link to the series in the order published



Feminine Orders,” a poem by Annie Persons

Poems by Marylen Grigas:

While You Were Sleeping

A Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Body

Notes from a Capricious Correspondent

Night Mending


Home Security



Religion, Art, and Advertising–with a Dash of Krause and Fenske,” by Jamal Stone



The Election Through Millennial Eyes: One Teen’s Hopeful Take on the Morning After,” by Emily Hayes-Rich, November 2016

Abby Is Tall and Blonde,” memoir by Abby Otte

In Defiance of Genre: on Octavia Butler,” by Jamal Stone


True stories. Honestly.