Broad Street
“Broad Street is a consistently lively and intelligent literary journal with a daringly eclectic aesthetic. It tries harder, and it succeeds.” Phillip LopateAmerican film critic, essayist, fiction writer, poet, and teacher
Interview with A. E. Bayne of Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review (FLAR) on editorial process and mentorship, December 2016.
“A delightful mishmash of memes and meanings.” — Style Weekly
2015 Pushcart Prizes Special Mention for “Making Friends with Midge,” by Susann Cokal, from Issue 1.1, “Dangerous Territory”
2015 Pushcart Prize Special Mention for “The Lives of Strangers,” by Paisley Rekdal, from Issue 1.1, “Dangerous Territory”
“Cultural commentary is on the map at Broad Street.” The Writer magazine, March 2015 feature
“Broad Street has created a viable option for literary end table collections. In this issue, several mediums of storytelling are combined, allowing readers both a visual and multifaceted verbal display. … Outstanding.”  New Pages 
“Check out Broad Street, a new magazine of true stories coming out of VCU. … ‘The lofty goal is The New Yorker meets NPR, a blending of high art and pop culture,’ editorial director and VCU professor Susann Cokal says. ‘We think of it as a quest for the truth in any form.'” —
“… Then novelist and creative-writing professor Susann Cokal looked out the window and said, ‘Call it Broad Street.'”—Richmond Magazine 
“A lot of good stories are born of bad realities. The new nonprofit magazine Broad Street celebrates its first issue, ‘Dangerous Territories,’ which catalogs the good, the bad and the ugly of real life.”—Style Weekly
“But where can we read short memoir online? [Here are] a few good magazines that are either online or have a solid online presence.”—WriterSite