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Share This Poem: "From Around Here," by Ron Smith. From "Rivals & Players."

Share This Poem: “From Around Here,” by Ron Smith. From “Rivals & Players.”

“You plunge into the world. You roll the dice. You make new friends, a few, or maybe none…”   To enjoy this piece from “Rivals & Players” as a broadside, drag the sheet to your desktop. Or scroll down to read in plain text. From Around Here The heat, damned heat — and now humidity. A hundred-plus miles from the...
From Our Pages: "Making Friends with Midge," an essay on your best friend and Barbie's. By Susann Cokal.

From Our Pages: “Making Friends with Midge,” an essay on your best friend and Barbie’s. By Susann Cokal.

“Midge was, as all Mattel’s toys and books and marketing materials identified her, ‘Barbie’s Best Friend’— not simply herself. She never even had an essay written especially for her till now.” Spend some time palling around with Midge, Barbie’s best friend, and Barbie fan/scholar Susann Cokal. Besides being a literary critic, novelist, teacher, and Broad Street‘s editorial...