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Share This Poem: "His Word in Rural Illinois," by Ellen Stone.

Share This Poem: “His Word in Rural Illinois,” by Ellen Stone.

“… woman’s body like a metal safe —  these flatlands …” Our “Small Things, Partial Cures” theme continues with a remarkable poem by Ellen Stone. You can download and print a full-size broadside by clicking on the first version below — or scroll down to read in plain format. His Word in Rural Illinois By Ellen Stone   Red-winged blackbirds...
Online Exclusive: "Mad Heat Be Praised," by Kat Meads.

Online Exclusive: “Mad Heat Be Praised,” by Kat Meads.

“Mad Heat Be Praised”  An excerpt from Miss Jane: The Lost Years. “Has mad heat created Zombie Jane?” Kat Meads, who contributed “Leaving the House” to Broad Street’s “Maps & Legends” issue, bids adieu to summer swelter with an excerpt from her latest book combining women’s studies and fiction, Miss Jane: The Lost Years. A native...