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Weekend Reading:  "Dancing in Their Heads," on The Nutcracker and the production of girlhood

Weekend Reading: “Dancing in Their Heads,” on The Nutcracker and the production of girlhood

  By Greg Weatherford. * Most of the ballerinas are girls between the ages of ten and thirteen. These are, to put it gently, not easy years to be a girl. They’re growing, or not, they’re getting gangly or getting bulky, they’re getting figures, or not. They’re on the cusp of everything. So life lessons can come...
Weekend Reading: "Making Friends with Midge"

Weekend Reading: “Making Friends with Midge”

This weekend spend some time with Midge, Barbie’s best friend. Besides being a literary critic, novelist, teacher, and Broad Street‘s editorial director, Susann Cokal is a lifelong scholar of all things Barbie, with several pieces published on the subject. In this essay, Cokal explores what it means to be a best friend through the medium of...