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"Dream Geographies: Dog Walking," by Judith Serin and Masami Inoue

“Dream Geographies: Dog Walking,” by Judith Serin and Masami Inoue

  “It is the pleasure of the mystery that I keep with me into the day…” In keeping with our “Maps & Legends” seasonal theme, BROAD STREET  presents the next dreamy collaboration between poet Judith Serin and artist Masami Inoue … Serin’s actual dreams point to reality in some uncharted territory that Inoue’s watercolors begin to map.  ...
Dream Architecture:  Big Houses

Dream Architecture: Big Houses

Prose poem by Judith Serin, art by Masami Inoue.   I often dream of houses so big I must explore them. I discover boxes of old treasures, toys in a small room downstairs, a high balcony near the ceiling circled with statues and trunks of shiny dresses. Often they incorporate parts of my childhood house...