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Share This Poem:  "Package,"  by Marylen Grigas

Share This Poem: “Package,” by Marylen Grigas

“Sad-sad wrapped in anxious-anxious, wrapped in a slew of questions …”     Share the next installment in Marylen Grigas’s new poetry series, illustrated by Riley McAlpine-Barthold.  These elegant poems map the boundaries of home, body, illness, and love, boundaries also eloquently evoked in the line drawings.     Package   Sad-sad wrapped in anxious-anxious, wrapped in...
From Our Pages: "My Little Pony," a memoir by Tama Janowitz.

From Our Pages: “My Little Pony,” a memoir by Tama Janowitz.

“I didn’t know what that good life was going to be but I figured it would probably not include a kitchen where the food had expiration dates from three years earlier and when you opened the box moths flew out. . . .”   Go ahead if you want to–start reading the complete text of...