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"My Internship at Tiffany's," by Julie Anderson--featured at "Writers on the Job."

“My Internship at Tiffany’s,” by Julie Anderson–featured at “Writers on the Job.”

“Who were these elegant ladies who brushed past me, perusing the display cases as casually as if they were shopping for dinner? At Christmas-time, these women wore fur coats and heels and somehow they just looked like money. My mother was beautiful, too, but even as a small child, I could tell the difference between her fake...
Weekend Reading:  "Chastity Belt Included," a memoir by Ramsey Hootman

Weekend Reading: “Chastity Belt Included,” a memoir by Ramsey Hootman

BROAD STREET presents the amazing true tale of a young woman who guarded her virginity “for religious reasons,” only to find herself completely flummoxed on her wedding night.  It was not a matter of technique, nor of sympathy on her husband’s part … Mother Nature had already put a mysterious, painful guard in place.  ...
Weekend Reading: "The Lives of Strangers." Paisley Rekdal Reflects on Marriage, Betrayal, and Murder

Weekend Reading: “The Lives of Strangers.” Paisley Rekdal Reflects on Marriage, Betrayal, and Murder

  Broad Street is proud to present a favorite story from our first issue, now formatted for online reading. “The Lives of Strangers,” by award-winning poet and memoirist Paisley Rekdal, explores the complexities of marriage and love—and the many forms of violence they can engender. It first appeared in the print version of Broad Street’s “Dangerous Territory” issue. It...