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Share This Poem:  "Suitor," by Ron Smith

Share This Poem: “Suitor,” by Ron Smith

We are pleased to present a poem from our latest issue, “Maps & Legends.” Here Ron Smith imagines one of the most legendary courtships in American history.  Whose courtship, you ask?  Hint:  Mount Vernon has requested a copy. “Suitor” is formatted as a broadside in two layouts.         Ron Smith recently served as the...
From Our Pages: "Prix Fixe--the table next to yours," by Thomas E. Kennedy.

From Our Pages: “Prix Fixe–the table next to yours,” by Thomas E. Kennedy.

Strangers share Christmas dinner in a Copenhagen restaurant. “You hope you don’t look too much like a lonely old guy … There are good astri over this night, and the ruby is the most powerful gem in the universe.”   Thomas E. Kennedy is an American expat who has lived in Copenhagen for more than thirty...
"Dream Geography:  A Sense of Direction," by Judith Serin and Masami Inoue.

“Dream Geography: A Sense of Direction,” by Judith Serin and Masami Inoue.

“Here I am with a group of people trying to find a man for a young woman….” In keeping with our “Maps & Legends” seasonal theme, BROAD STREET presents the next dreamy collaboration between poet Judith Serin and artist Masami Inoue.  Serin’s actual dreams point to reality in some uncharted territory that Inoue’s watercolors begin to map.   A Sense...