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“Amazon Package,” a poem by Mari Pack.

“Amazon Package,” a poem by Mari Pack.

What to do with what we have ordered. “I said, Fix me.” Amazon Package . I wanted a thing in the shape of a Yom Kippur fast, smelling of hands clasped in anguish. I bought it online. The package slid up and down in various directions . on black belts in one of Amazon’s famous fulfillment centers...
Share This Poem: "Spending Money," by Zara Raab.

Share This Poem: “Spending Money,” by Zara Raab.

“No sorrow held me, for sorrow was other folks’ trouble and woe …” National Poetry Month continues with another gem by Zara Raab: this time, a poem well suited to tax season, as Zara considers the significance of money and of having a little bit “extra” for oneself. You can download the broadside and print...