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Truth Teller Spotlight - Susann Cokal

Truth Teller Spotlight – Susann Cokal

Aside from her role as the Editorial Director of Broad Street Magazine, Susann Cokal also wears hats as historical novelist, pop-culture essayist, book critic, and professor of creative writing and modern literature at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to her published novels, Cokal’s writing has been featured in Gargoyle, The Cincinnati Review, The Journal, Hayden’s Ferry Review...
Weekend Reading: "Making Friends with Midge"

Weekend Reading: “Making Friends with Midge”

This weekend spend some time with Midge, Barbie’s best friend. Besides being a literary critic, novelist, teacher, and Broad Street‘s editorial director, Susann Cokal is a lifelong scholar of all things Barbie, with several pieces published on the subject. In this essay, Cokal explores what it means to be a best friend through the medium of...