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From Our Pages: "Prix Fixe--the table next to yours," by Thomas E. Kennedy.

From Our Pages: “Prix Fixe–the table next to yours,” by Thomas E. Kennedy.

Strangers share Christmas dinner in a Copenhagen restaurant. “You hope you don’t look too much like a lonely old guy … There are good astri over this night, and the ruby is the most powerful gem in the universe.”   Thomas E. Kennedy is an American expat who has lived in Copenhagen for more than thirty...
Irish Storytelling: Broad Street Runs Through It

Irish Storytelling: Broad Street Runs Through It

Ireland’s 1976 Tidy Town winner, “Ireland’s Best Kept Town,” casts its Broad Street past thatched-roof cottages. The rural homes of Adare in Limerick County maintain the same thatched style of a century ago (see the pictures below). Gathering wheat straw, reeds, heathers and sedges into thick clumps, the townspeople built their thatched roofs to be resistant to quickly spreading...