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Contributor News: Paisley Rekdal's new book, "The Broken Country," evaluates Vietnam's legacy. Paisley will appear at Chautauqua in August--details below!

Contributor News: Paisley Rekdal’s new book, “The Broken Country,” evaluates Vietnam’s legacy. Paisley will appear at Chautauqua in August–details below!

       One of our most widely beloved contributors, prolific poet and nonfiction writer Paisley Rekdal, has not only published another book (and a great one!) but also scheduled a remarkable event at the Chautauqua Institution for this August–one of no doubt *broad* appeal.      The book is The Broken Country: On Trauma, a Crime,...
From Our Pages: "Dale Flynn's Blood," memoir by D. J. Lee.

From Our Pages: “Dale Flynn’s Blood,” memoir by D. J. Lee.

Trouble next door. “I pushed away and we stood in the soft wet dirt of the shoulder, staring at one another. Suddenly, he lunged forward …”   D. J. Lee’s searing memoir of bullying, aspiration, and teenaged hormones appeared in BROAD STREET’s “Bedeviled” issue in winter/spring 2015. It has been praised for its gritty portrayal of anger...
From Our Pages: "Holy War: Ramadan and race riots in Senegal," by Patricia Smith.

From Our Pages: “Holy War: Ramadan and race riots in Senegal,” by Patricia Smith.

BROAD STREET presents this essay (recipient of a Special Mention from the Pushcart editors) from our “Hunt, Gather” issue (fall/winter 2014) … Here’s what happened during one holy season when Patricia Smith, a Fulbright scholar in Senegal, found a sudden war erupting in the small village where she’d been teaching high schoolers and immersing herself in the...