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Online Exclusive: "Red Ferry, Blue Ferry," by Michael Fallon.

Online Exclusive: “Red Ferry, Blue Ferry,” by Michael Fallon.

In which the author triangulates Ireland before Google, cell phones, and GPS. “I thought myself pretty clever to have come up with what seemed a foolproof method … The islanders knew that their Ireland and mine were not the same place.” All the help you get. From AranIslands.le. (This feature is also available, in slightly different format, on...
Irish Storytelling: Broad Street Runs Through It

Irish Storytelling: Broad Street Runs Through It

Ireland’s 1976 Tidy Town winner, “Ireland’s Best Kept Town,” casts its Broad Street past thatched-roof cottages. The rural homes of Adare in Limerick County maintain the same thatched style of a century ago (see the pictures below). Gathering wheat straw, reeds, heathers and sedges into thick clumps, the townspeople built their thatched roofs to be resistant to quickly spreading...