One last time, and forever, we thank all of our contributors, our readers, our boards, and our editorial staff over the last almost-decade. We had a great run and published so much of which we are deeply proud.

We started laying plans in 2011 with a dream and a shoestring budget from the local university’s Student Affairs office. We grew up and left school. We began entirely in love with print; we ended married to the instant readership we got online. We kept going through crazy illnesses and injuries, leave-takings, movings-on, and a world almost no one predicted (our Editorial Director claims to have predicted it, but maybe that’s another reason to fold now.)

The worldly explosion of events and implosion of private life kept us going a year longer than intended, through the Pandemonium Blog. We’re proud of that too. But all good things, like all bad things, must come to an end; as the world opens up, Broad Street closes down.

We will continue to follow all of your careers (readerly and writerly), and we will celebrate your successes along with you.

We’ll miss you. It has been an honor.

Meanwhile, the website will stay active an online for another year, so you and your fans can find your work. We do beg you to download it, add it to your own website–do whatever you can to preserve it, in short–because it really is that important.

So one last time, and with tender respect,