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From Our Pages: "The Body, in Parts," by Valley Haggard, with two paintings.

From Our Pages: “The Body, in Parts,” by Valley Haggard, with two paintings.

“Your body is not a thank-you note, my mother wrote to me in a card …” BROAD STREET  presents a feature from our summer 2018 print and iBook issue, “Small Things, Partial Cures”: Writer Valley Haggard catalogues her body, and artists Mary Chiaramonte and Susan Singer capture it in paint. Read on for Valley’s reactions to the posing...
Share This Poem:  "A Hypochondriac's Guide to the Body," by Marylen Grigas.

Share This Poem: “A Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Body,” by Marylen Grigas.

Never mind discussing what is and isn’t postmodern, let’s discuss postnasal ….   BROAD STREET presents another in Marylen Grigas’s series of poems about loss, love, illness, and putting it all together again–illustrated by Riley McAlpine-Barthold.  Click above to see the poem in a printer-friendly, larger-font version, or scroll down past the bylines for plain text. Marylen Grigas is...