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“Hunt, Gather”: the most primal way to survive. All animals—from simple bacteria to ants to tigers and squirrels and humans—hunt for what they eat, gather it up, share it with their young, sometimes store it for later use.

Most of us, by now, live in a culture of accumulation. We still hunt and gather, as the shopping lists and essays in this issue demonstrate. Maybe we do it in the wilds of Alaska, maybe in the overwhelming maze of a Walmart or Whole Foods. We look for food, yes, but also for what sustains us emotionally: fragments of family history, tokens to make inspiration flow for a novel, materials for a Broadway stage costume or a massive bronze sculpture. Sometimes these objects find us; who knows what draws the things of this earth to our particular souls? We hold on to the materials we’ve collected; they become our lives and selves, or the selves we project to the world.

With our second issue, Broad Street strolls through the lists, images, and storytelling of modern hunters and gatherers. We invite you to collect from our pages what will sustain you.

True Stories 

The Collection In Search of a Collector | Karen Engelmann

Prayer for Rain | Harrison Candelaria Fletcher

Accident | Christine Gelineau

Holy War | Patricia Smith

Barrow, Alaska | Dawn Whitmore

Dear Alaska | Melinda Moustakis

Ukufa | Maggie Messitt

Lists | Michael Hearst

Semye | Cynthia Anderson

Prix Fixe | Thomas E. Kennedy


Jack of Spades | Tyler Darden

This Moment | Tyler Darden

Heaven, Earth and Sea | Amie Oliver

Landfill | Tyler Darden

Team Struggle | Kevin VQ Dam

CPH | Lauren O’Neill

Untitled | Dan Lytreder


Our Crazy Beautiful Poetic World  | Paloma Young

The Jaw Drops Each Time | Daniel M. Krause