We at BROAD STREET were honored to publish some of the last work by beloved poet Marylen Grigas, who died in February 2017. Each one was illustrated by her niece, Riley McAlpine-Berthold, with whom Marylen had a remarkable collaborative relationship. We invite you to read about her struggles with cancer, the ironic illusion of home security, and the overwhelming power of love.



While You Were Sleeping

A Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Body

Notes from a Capricious Correspondent

Night Mending


Home Security

Truth Teller Spotlight: Marylen’s take on writing the truth


Marylen Grigas was the author of  the poetry collection  Shift, out in fall 2016 from Nature’s Face publishers.  Her poems were published in The New Yorker, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Circulo de Poesia. She lived in Vermont and worked at an architectural stained glass studio.

Riley McAlpine-Barthold grew up in rural Vermont in a cabin without electricity or running water but with lots of time to draw.  After college, she moved to L.A., where she worked as an artist and painter.   Now back in Vermont, Riley continues to make art and is also a certified Bioenergy therapist.