“What others are able to see is maddening….”

We present the opening poem from our Winter 2019 issue, “Rivals & Players.”  To enjoy this offering as a broadside, simply drag the green rectangle to your desktop to enlarge and print. Or scroll down to see it in plain text.



or something like it. The names of the flowers

in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. Each typeset

in Berkeley Old Style and printed

on separate sheets of acid-free paper.

The woman described her intentions as decorative.

Which meant words arranged

in vases, words pinned

to thin curtains. Some framed

and hung on walls, others

pressed into books.

They found her assembling a wreath.

“It’s the season,” she said. “I have to keep up

with these windows. What others

are able to see is maddening.”


Cynthia Kolanowski’s poems have appeared in CutBank, Portland Review, and Spinning Jenny.
Gunver Hasselbalch’s watercolors and drawings have been displayed in her native Denmark, where she also works in the theater, and in Italy. Some of her paintings were featured in our “Small Things, Partial Cures” issue.
Broad Street’s Winter 2019 issue features lovers, fighters, warriors, war reenactors, ad men, insects, and neighbors. Do we play the game, or does the game play us? What do we get when we spin Fortune’s wheel? Who’s watching, anyway — and when are they coming for us?
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