From short and sweet to long and involved, we offer insights about truth, creativity, and the whole shebang from talented artists, writers, and other interesting folks.

Left to right: costume designer Paloma Young; writer Jeanette Winterson; Thomas E. Kennedy, memoirist; sculptor Daniel M. Krause; poet and essayist Paisley Rekdal; cinematic effects designer TyRuben Ellingson.

Spotlight Interviews

Interviews about the nature of truth, inspiration, and how to approach what needs to be told and depicted, with notable writers and artists from our issues and beyond. With the subjects’ tips for writing, creating, and succeeding in the art world.


 Julie Anderson, memoir and reportage

Shalom Ausländer, prose

A. W. Barnes, memoir

Bea Chang, memoir

Susann Cokal, cultural reportage and memoir

Gretchen Comba, prose

Lisa Dordal, poetry

Marylen Grigas, poetry

Valley Haggard, prose

Neal Hall, poetry

Douglas Haynes, prose and poetry

Ramsey Hootman, memoir

Erica Hoverter, mosaic arts

Rebecca M. J.  Hymes, miniaturist

Thomas E. Kennedy, memoir

Al Landwehr, prose

Bryant Mangum, belles-lettres and memoir

Lea Marshall, poetry and prose

Kat Meads, prose Part 1; Part 2 (on hybrid forms)

Amie Oliver, painting

Charlotte Simmonds, lyrical prose

Patricia Smith, memoir

Ron Smith, poetry (part 1)  (part 2)

Lee Strasburger, painting



And enjoy these in-depth interviews:

Jeanette Winterson,

memoirist, novelist, polemicist

from “Dangerous Territory”


Paloma Young,

Tony-winning costume designer

from “Hunt, Gather”


Daniel Krause,

Internationally celebrated sculptor

from “Hunt, Gather”


Parsing The Big Sleep

Owen Hill, Pamela Jackson, and Anthony Rizzuto

on annotating the classic of noir fiction


TyRuben Ellingson,

Cinematic visual effects designer for Avatar, Hellboy, Mimic, and more


True stories, honestly.