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Spotlight Interview: Erica Hoverter, Mosaic Artist.

Spotlight Interview: Erica Hoverter, Mosaic Artist.

“The excitement I feel when I walk by a shimmering glass mosaic … when the light changes, the feeling changes — it’s living glass. It’s beautiful, and one of the most satisfying materials to work with.” “Scheherazade,” detail. Mixed media, 2006. Erica Hoverter  became a mosaic artist in 2002, after a back injury put her previous career in physical therapy on...
Share This Poem: "Yankee Doodle Fantasy," by Richard Peabody.

Share This Poem: “Yankee Doodle Fantasy,” by Richard Peabody.

“Start with the head. The way a cat consumes a squirrel …” National Poetry, National Airport …  We bid the month farewell with an iconoclastic glance at Reagan National Airport, courtesy of Richard Peabody. You can print out the broadside below, or scroll down and read the text in plain format. “Yankee Doodle Fantasy” was...