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Family Laundry: "Someone Else's Story," by Luanne Castle.

Family Laundry: “Someone Else’s Story,” by Luanne Castle.

An online exclusive. “… a young mother whose husband was involved in a catastrophic accident and had to be institutionalized.” In the sixth installment of this series exploring family history and its conversion into a faithful narrative, Luanne Castle reconstructs the life of a distant relation on her grandmother’s side, a woman whose resilience in the...
Online Exclusive: Parsing “The Big Sleep." Three writer-editors annotate the classic noir novel.

Online Exclusive: Parsing “The Big Sleep.” Three writer-editors annotate the classic noir novel.

Raymond Chandler’s inaugural novel gets scholarly treatment in a book packed with facts, photos, and insights into the text and the times. “We all had great love for Chandler’s novels. And we knew the world did too.” Some years ago, three intrepid friends who met at a bookstore —Owen Hill, Pamela Jackson, and Anthony Dean Rizzuto — undertook a...