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"My Internship at Tiffany's," by Julie Anderson--featured at "Writers on the Job."

“My Internship at Tiffany’s,” by Julie Anderson–featured at “Writers on the Job.”

“Who were these elegant ladies who brushed past me, perusing the display cases as casually as if they were shopping for dinner? At Christmas-time, these women wore fur coats and heels and somehow they just looked like money. My mother was beautiful, too, but even as a small child, I could tell the difference between her fake...
Weekend Reading:  "My Life in Pantyhose," from Writers on the Job.

Weekend Reading: “My Life in Pantyhose,” from Writers on the Job.

“I used to counsel young women never to do two things, or not to do them in conjunction: 1. learn to type; 2. buy pantyhose. …” Could we talk to you about pantyhose? Or rather–could our editorial director, Susann Cokal, talk about them?  Below, you’ll find the link to an essay about their storied past, their...