Sterling painting


One of the founding advisers of Broad Street, Sterling Hundley is an award-winning artist and associate professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Hundley has won numerous awards for his work, including gold medals for “Death of a Salesman” and “Shipwrecked,” as well as being featured in various private collections and exhibitions, the most recent of which being a group exhibition at Delaware Museum. His most recent work is “The Spoils of Saint Hubris,” an ongoing project for which he received funding through Kickstarter to create a body of original paintings, drawings, etchings, and prints.

“‘The Spoils of Saint Hubris’ is the first part in an ongoing body of work entitled ‘The Spoils.’ ‘Saint Hubris’ is a convergence of the then and now. It is an exploration of the ambition of man, the chaos that we try to culture and the resulting effect. This body of work is an exploration of timeless themes and bridges the chasm between technology and tradition in both content and method”

One of the most fascinating facets of this project is the way in which Hundley plans to document his experiences with the series, as he explains on his site: “As a veteran in the illustration world, a passionate instructor, and a writer, I intend to document my pursuits of a career in the world of High-Art. My successes and failures will be shared as a means of communication and education as I forge a new path into a challenging industry.”

To see more on the series, visit his website.