On Friday, Nov. 1, renowned photojournalist Chad Hunt will take part in coffee and conversation as part of the opening of a two-week photo exhibit of his photographs of soldiers in and after Afghanistan.



     “Ghosting Home,” featuring images taken during Hunt’s time embedded in Korengai Province, Afghanistan, is a series of portraits that are both beautiful and haunting. Many of the portraits were published in Broad Street‘s first issue, “Dangerous Territory.”

      You can see an assortment of the pieces from Broad Street in an online video sampler from the issue.



     Chad’s photos have appeared on the cover of Time, in several books, and in many other publications. His work is in the permanent collections of the George Eastman House Museum and the Worcester Art Museum.

      The exhibit, co-sponsored by VCU Student Media, VCU Libraries, OMSA, and VCU Military Student Services, will appear in Cabell Library first floor.

     The opening coffee and conversation will take place at Starbucks in Cabell Library beginning at 3 p.m., Friday, Nov. 1.

     Chad’s photos will be on view until November 15.

True stories, honestly.