BROAD STREET presents the amazing true tale of a young woman who guarded her virginity “for religious reasons,” only to find herself completely flummoxed on her wedding night.  It was not a matter of technique, nor of sympathy on her husband’s part … Mother Nature had already put a mysterious, painful guard in place.




“Even though I had firmly decided not to have sex until I was married, an accidental touch or a few romantic words might inflame my passions to such a degree that I would lose my rational mind and wake up in bed next to some guy I barely knew …”

This is a must-read for every woman–and for everybody who knows a woman.  From our “Bedeviled” issue, with our compliments.

Read the full text, specially formatted for online delectation, by clicking here: “Chastity Belt Included.”

And read what Ramsey, also the author of Courting Greta, has to say about writing the truth by clicking here:  Truth Teller Ramsey Hootman.


Artwork:  Homophone, photograph by Sarah Parker.