We are pleased to present some much-loved poems–many of them formatted as broadsides with illustrations. Fire up your printer and deck your world in swift, sharp truth.


Yehuda Amichai, translated by Robert Alter: “We Did It

C. Wade Bentley: “Compensation

Ron Block: “Cryptozoology in South Jersey

Mark Burke: “I Heard the Voices

Luanne Castle: “An Account of a Poor Oil Stove Bought Off Dutch Pete,” “What Came Between a Woman and Her Duties,” “The Weight of Smoke,” “Half-Naked Woman Found Dead,” “Someone Else’s Story

Jill Dery: “Archeology

Lisa Dordal: “Pretty Moon” 

Christine Gelineau: “Accident

Stuart Gunter: “Death Dance to the Stars (A Dream),” The Wind Telephone

Marya Hornbacher: “Geodesy” 

Kelsey Ann Kerr: “After having heart surgery, I ask my new love

Cynthia Kolanowski: “Pathos

Lea Marshall: “13 Months”

Jed Myers: “Between Two Darknesses,” “Idyll

Richard Peabody:Yankee Doodle Fantasy

Annie Persons: “Feminine Orders”

J. Ross Peters: “Goshen Pass: Devil’s Kitchen”

Joshua Poteat: “Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature”

Zara Raab: “Bridges,”  “Spending Money”

Amy Sailer: Litany of Missing Earrings

Ron Smith: “Suitor,” “John Smith in Virginia,” “Angelus: Chesapeake Bay,” “After Church,” “Volterra,” “1911,” “From Around Here.”

Ellen Stone: “His Word in Rural Illinois,”  “Flask”

Kip Zegers:Another Thing My Father Did

A Collection by Marylen Grigas 

While You Were Sleeping“; “A Hypochondriac’s Guide to the Body“: “Notes from a Capricious Correspondent“; “Night Mending“; “Package“; “Home Security


And explore the “Dream Geographies” series by poet Judith Serin and artist Masami Inoue:

Interview: “Illustrating the Poem that Records the Dream

Map of Dreams

Dream Geography: A Sense of Direction

Dream of San Francisco

Dream Architecture: New Views

Dream Architecture: Outside/In

Dream Architecture: Big Houses

Dream Path

Dream Mountains and Water

Dream Ocean

Dream Mountains

Dream Dog Walking

Dream Moon


True stories, honestly.